The gel ice packs we carry are manufactured in Michigan with the highest grade 4.1mil USDA approved polyethylene film and use only the finest non-toxic gel material available for a longer lasting gel pack. Our gel packs come in 10 stock sizes.

Discount at 10+ cases. Give us a call for a customized quote if you're ordering by the skid (50 cases).

Compare to big box stores and you'll save up to 50% because our cases are twice the size at a similar price.

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Trycold Gel Packs are non-toxic but should be disposed of properly. View disposal instructions.

Order Gel Packs:
Part # Size Weight Case Qty. Price Order Qty.
TGP8 5" x 6" 8oz 72 Call Us
TGP12 6" x 6" 12oz 48 Call Us
TGP16 6" x 7" 16oz 36 Call Us
TGP24 6" x 8" 24oz 24 Call Us
TGP32 6" x 9" 32oz 18 Call Us
TGP48 6" x 13" 48oz 12 Call Us
TGP832 8" x 10" 32oz 16 Call Us
TGP848 8" x 10" 48oz 12 Call Us
TGP864 8" x 10" 64oz 10 Call Us